Crafting from Pinterest…ivory soap fluffy ball

After making the crayon art, I was really excited about all of the other ideas on Pinterest.  This is a weird statement for me, I’m usually mostly excited about wines, kids really do change you.  After scouring my boards on Pinterest,  we decided to make Ivory fluffiness.  I’m not really sure what to call it, but on Pinterest it did say you would be able to mold the soap into various forms.  This we didn’t find to be true or at least we were expecting something totally different.  We did exactly what we were supposed to, but the soap didn’t seem to be cooperating.

Here are the directions for the soap mold.

Take a bar of soap (we did 1/2 a bar at a time)  

Put in a microwaveable bowl or on a piece of wax paper

Microwave for a couple of minutes ( we did 1 minute)

The bar will form into a fluffy ball. Let the soap cool.

Make sure to let cool, we found out the hard way that when you dig into the soap, there are still hot spots.  Ouch!  

After we microwaved the soap and let it cool, we started to mold with it, but it would just crumble.  Even though the soap didn’t do what Pinterest said it would, we figured out some other fun things to do with it.  It think we thought this would be more like clay to mold with, but it was really more for molding in cookie cutters.  Also very cute.  

Here are the ideas that we came up with:

After the soap cools, crumble it into a bowl and have it as snow soap.  This would be fun to have in the bathroom over the winter holidays.  You could be very creative with it or just put it in a bowl and label it snow soap.

You could also make various forms of soap by flattening the fluffy soap into cookie cutter moldsto make adorable soaps.  This would be an easy party gift to have at any party.  You could probably add food coloring to make it more vibrant.

Either way, try this experiment yourself.  Even if it didn’t turn out how we thought it would, it did end up being a fun experiment.  Also, wearing a black romper with a scarf looks great while crafting.

PS.  I need to add that I went back to Pinterest to see if I did something wrong and I followed the guidelines I had found on Pinterest, but then I found the original blog that posted about the soap.  This would have been way more helpful.  So if you want to follow the original directions, click here.   I wish I had read this blog before, but in the end it all worked out.

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