Crafting from Pinterest…Making Crayon Art

While visiting my family in Texas, I decided I wanted to try some of the crafts that I had pinned on Pinterest.  My sister is the original crafty person.  Actually, Martha Stewart is probably the original crafty person, but my sister could give her a run for her money.  So it wasn’t had convincing her to do crafts that I had found on Pinterest and of course my nieces were excited to help out.

There are so many different crafts that I pinned, but we narrowed it down to two.  The first craft we made was melted crayon art.  This was fun and really enabled the girls to be individually creative.  I would highly recommend doing this with your kids, but if you don’t have kids making your own crayon art would be fun as well.

Here are a few tips that we learned along the way:

1.  Put a sheet down because once you start blow drying the crayons, the melting crayons may spray.

2.  Make sure to use a glue gun to glue your crayons to the canvas in the arrangement that you would like them to melt.

3.  Dark colors will dominate, so double up on light colors.

4.  Keep the paper on the crayons, this helps the crayons melt down the page instead of just splattering everywhere.

5.  Maybe use the crayons with just paper, not wax paper.  The wax paper tends to melt too.

6.  Blow dry the crayons from the top and they will melt down the canvas.  Melting the crayons really

is a trial by error, but it is all fun.

7.  Make sure to be safe when handling the glue gun, help younger kids and don’t give the glue gun to a toddler.

8.  Mix crafts to make the art interesting.  We used colorful paper to add to the art pieces.

9.  Have fun and be creative.

We had a lot of fun making our art pieces.  The girls really enjoyed the art project and were excited to hang their masterpieces.  This was a great rainy day activity, which was perfect because it was raining that day.  So all in all, great craft find on Pinterest.



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