It might be time for a date night…

In the past few days I’ve fallen in love with Mod Podge and my new Swiffer.  I had dinner with my friend Stephanie last night and we found our selves discussing the brilliance of Mod Podge.  I was trying to convince her to decorate her place with a variety of ideas and she agreed to stop me before I turn into the crazy Mod Podge lady who’s house covered in DIY stencils.  So I think it was a win win conversation for us both.

Then this morning I showed AJ how dirty Maggie’s feet were and he commented that I should call the house cleaners.  I quickly told him I just bought a Swiffer and I’d do the floors.  So after he left for work, I busted out my new Swiffer and started cleaning.  As I was getting more and more excited about how awesome the Swiffer is I realized…I’ve become that person.

I love to Mod Podge and I love my Swiffer.  Who am I?  It is definitely time for a date night.


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