Too tight panties

Yesterday I had a check up at the doctor’s office.  I was a little grumpy in the morning, uncomfortable in the car, then dreading the scale at the doctor’s office.  After the nurse weighed me, I felt better.  I was expecting the scale to be 10 pounds heavier.  Then I finally realize my panties were just too tight.  My body was bulging out of them, making me feel like a cow.  After the nurse left the room, I took my panties off threw them in the bin that said Hazardous Material.  Clearly those panties were hazardous to my self esteem.

Of course, the only problem is I had to walk around pantiless the rest of the day.  I felt like an aging call girl, but at least I was comfortable in my own skin again.

Have you ever worn panties that were too tight?  Did you throw them away or just suffer through the day?


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