Is it okay to re-gift?

Re-gifting.  We all think about it, casually ponder it and mostly joke about it, but is it okay?  Actually, the question should be, is it okay to re-gift a baby present?  Many of you will undoubtedly say yes.  But the clincher is I just re-gifted a baby present that we were using. Kinda.  I feel guilty about it.  Kinda.  This was a present I would have given the baby anyway, but I feel bad that I stole from my daughter and gave it to someone else.  My daughter won’t know, she’s only a few months old and I’m going to replace it.  I promised myself that today I would run out and buy her the exact same item and it will be no big deal.  But is it?  I feel guilty, as if everytime I’m at our friend’s house and see this toy, I’m going to know…that is Maggie’s.

The funny part is.  I re-registered for the item that I re-gifted.  Maybe someone will re-gift it to us someday.

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