What a guy!

If anybody has ever wondered why I fell in love with my husband, these pictures say it all.  While on the beach in Malibu this past weekend.  My friend Leslie and I were watching our husbands surf…or learn to surf.  While we were standing on the beach, Leslie sees there are seagulls on our beach blanket.  I scream at them because they are actually going through my purse.  AJ immediately takes off running after them, but the bandits were able to get away with a bag of Swedish fish.

I’m not sure why AJ thought I’d want the Swedish fish bag back, because I’m pretty sure that Seagulls are dirty double dippers.  Although, I did appreciate the valiant effort.

The gang of Seagulls in the final picture are the culprits, look closely and you can see my bag of Swedish fish right behind them.  If you or anyone you know runs into this gang of gulls, watch your backs, they are hoodlums and will steal from you.


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