She’s crafty

Maggie is crafty, smart and a little bit mischievous.  She has been watching how our dog Gilmore crawls under the gate at the stairs and has decided its her turn.  The first day this happened I almost had a heart attack.  I had to pull her back through and explain to her how it is not a good idea.  Of course, I blame Gilmore and his daily ritual to run from me when I turn on the stove to cook.  If he didn’t have this weird anxiety and belief that I was going to cook him for dinner, then Maggie would not be trying to escape with him.  Clearly, I have my hands full with Maggie and our ridiculous dog.

After hours of discussion, AJ and I have decided we can’t baby proof everything.  Hopefully, she’ll listen when I say don’t crawl under the gate, only scaredy dogs do that.  (No babies were harmed while taking this picture)

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