Men have lowered the bar

Recently I have realized men have really lowered the bar for themselves.  Things that I do on a daily basis, AJ does and women of all ages ooh and ahh at these minor daily tasks, as cute as they may be. This past weekend two things in particular stood out.

First, AJ and I were on the beach with Maggie , as I’m carrying her through the sand, no one pays attention.  AJ picks her up and its as if the clouds have opened up and angels have sung.  I hear women gasping with delight at the sight of him holding his daughter.  Seriously?  I mean, I know she is cute and its great to see a father show affection, but I was just holding her and no one even noticed.  

Then on Sunday, AJ and I went hiking and took Gilmore.  As we walk through the trails, I walk in front of AJ and Gilmore and everytime somebody passes me, they giggle and coo.  Finally I turn around and ask AJ if he things its weird that when he walks Gilmore or holds Maggie everyone notices.  He says, he noticed that it was happening too and thought it was really funny.  Of course then, he asks if I want to hold Gilmore’s leash so people will notice me.  I opt out because I think men need a role model.  If my husband has to suffer and take on this burden, then so be it.  Of course, I’d like to clarify who remembered to pack the three water bottles for AJ, Gilmore and myself and then carried them in her purse,  that’s right me.  No one ogled my Gap shoulder bag that I used as my hiking pack, which I thought looked really cute.

Here’s a picture of AJ giving Gilmore water during the hike.  At this moment, I realized how much women love men with dogs and babies.  There were five girls standing behind me giggling and trying to talk to AJ about his adorable dog, etc. etc…. In all honesty, I love AJ getting the attention, because he is a great dad.  I guess I need to tell him the neighbors ogle over him when he takes out the trash, that way he loves doing that too.

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