Let’s do lunch or something

Since Maggie was 8 weeks olds I’ve been trying to get out at least once a week.  I’ve been going to lunch with friends, running errands with her and taking her out to places while family is in town.  Some of these outings have been easy and fun, others have been stressful and exhausting – word to the wise, the Santa Monica Pier isn’t stroller friendly, or at least not for the snap ‘n go stroller.

I’ve learned so much in the few short weeks of outings about myself, my husband, my daughter and anyone who has been with me.  For instance, I’m neurotic about being prepared, my husband will diaper our baby with a t-shirt, my daughter is a vampire and doesn’t like sun to hit her face.

Staying in all day every day isn’t an option if I expect to stay sane.  So what is there to do for a mom and a newborn?

Here are some outings that I really enjoy.

Let’s do lunch.  First thing’s first, the easy outing is the let’s meet up for lunch outing.  I really enjoy these outings, they are fun, social and easy.  The other side of this is, they can get costly.  Since I’m not working and it’s just my husband, I’ve realized I can’t spend $20 everyday for lunch.  If I did this everyday, it would cost us around $500 a month.  I’m pretty sure, with all of the other added baby expenses, this one is unnecessary.  So I can now say I’ll do lunch once a week for fun, but now I’m looking to fill my days with other outings.

Let’s go hiking.  This one is great, I can get a workout and be social at the same time.  Also, I have the Bob Stroller and now realize why I see so many moms that are in shape.  Pushing a stroller up a hill, isn’t an easy task.

Let’s go to the park. This one is pleasant, I like to get fresh air. Right now Maggie is too young to do anything but we’ll hang out with you and your kid.

Let’s go to the movie. This one sounds fun.  I haven’t been yet, but  there are various theaters around LA, that cater to mommies and their babies.  OK, maybe it sounds like a terrible way to enjoy either your baby or a movie, but it is something to do.

Let’s do coffee.  This one is efficient.  Less costly than lunch and still as social.  Yes please.

Let’s have a playdate.  This one is great.  Going to someone’s house to hang out is fun and cheap.  Again, Maggie isn’t old enough to play, so this one is really a mommy playdate. :)

With all of this in mind, it is my new mission to find every fun and free thing to do in LA with a baby.  If you have any suggestions, I’m up for it.

Just let me know, we can meet up and discuss it…just probably not over lunch.

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