A message to my LA friends

Apparently, some of you friends don’t think I’m serious about my end of the world list.  I think its time I set the record straight.  If LA  gets hit by an asteroid, tsunami or earthquake.  It will be chaos.  I have packed enough supplies for AJ, Maggie and I to be able to hike out of LA for 3 days.  We have food, water, and survival gear.  I am actually going to be updating our bags because Maggie has grown out of the clothes that I had packed for her, and I’m also reevaluating the wardrobe choices I packed for myself. AJ’s gear wardrobe doesn’t matter because we will all make fun of his clothes anyway.

Now to the point.  Yes, I want all of my friends to make it out of LA, but if you don’t have supplies I’m unable to help you.  I need you to pack at the very least a back pack with granola bars and water.  If you know how to wield a weapon and have that with you, that will be a bonus.  Yes, Dan has made the list because he collects knives.  Its a ridiculous hobby but I’ll be happy to have him and Rachel plus their knife collection.  Leslie and Eric know how to camp and fish, so they are in.  So I need the rest of you to come up with a survival skill, so I don’t have to constantly stress out about protecting you.

Let’s be honest, in a weird way this will be a fun camping trip.  There will be comedy writers, stand up comics, web producers, actors, magicians, mommies and a french man.  Clearly this is the road trip of a life time.  Get your acts together.  Pack a bag and buy a stun gun or a machete.  Don’t worry I’ll have a Flip Cam to record every ridiculous moment, because now that I have written down who would be in our group, it is true, we are ridiculous.

PS…my hairstylist was talking about earthquakes today, hence the preparedness freakout. :)

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