DIY Lil Fisherman baby shower

Throwing a baby shower can be slightly overwhelming, granted not as overwhelming as having a baby might be, but this is about me and not the pregnant lady.  Okay, we will say the shower was 90 % about her and 10 % about me.  I think thats fair.

So I asked one of my closest friends if I could throw her a baby shower.  She said yes, and the fun began.  By fun I mean, obsessed with everything baby shower on Pinterest, etsy and Martha Stewart.

Getting down to it I wanted to throw a shower that was classy, fun and really represented the couple.  After some research, I realized it is best to help the mom to be enjoy her day by having her minimally involved.  For us, that meant I gave Leslie three themes to chose from and her involvement ended there.  Which was hard because one of us is a little more Type A than the other, but not by  much and depending on the day it can get hairy.    Excitedly, we both agreed Lil Fisherman was perfect for her and Eric (Eric loves to go fishing, which apparently nobody knew but us).

Having this theme really made planning the baby shower fun and only a little bit stressful.  To ease my stress I broke the Shower down into categories…  Decor, Food and game.  What helped even more, I had a couple of friends reach out and offer to help.  We came up with some cute ideas, and had a lot of fun making them.  Again thank you Pinterest, Martha Stewart and Etsy.  We incorporated the food as part of the decor and I think it added a nice touch.  Of course, the best part was how happy and relaxed the mom to be was during her (our) very special day.

Some of my favorite things, moments and memories of the shower…

The watermelon shaped as a fish was amazing and made by my friend Jenny Schuster

The flower arrangements were put together by my friends Roxanne and Stephanie.  So cute and so easy DIY.

The game was super fun.  We divided the guests up into teams of 3 gave them posterboard, tape and a stack of magazines.  They had to make a picture that they thought the future baby would look like.  This was hilarious and very creative.  Two of my favorites poster babies are shown below.


Thank you world wide web and helpful friends for helping me celebrate Leslie’s (my) special day.


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