I’m Sew LA

Recently I decided that I really wanted to learn to sew.  I’m not sure if it is because I’m feeling connected to my Granny/Grandma who were  great seamstresses,  if I’m bonding with my mom who is also very good or if I’m just trying to complete the metamorphis from LA  performer to domesticated housewife.  I tend to believe sewing is in my genes and I’m determined to make sure this genetic trait continues onto the next generation.

Honestly,  I need to be able to sew matching Halloween costumes for AJ, Maggie and I.  Yes, we would match our costumes even if I couldn’t sew, but at least this way I get all of the glory and admiration for coming up with a family Halloween theme and then being able to make the costumes flawlessly.

I definitely need to be able to sew, so I can hem all of Maggie’s pants, because let’s face it there is a possibility she may inherit a “short” gene.

Most importantly,  I need to be able to sew Maggie a fun prom dress that she will surely be embarrassed about later on in life.

Throughout the years I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my homemade outfits.  My mom made me awesome costumes growing up, adorable but not so trendy school clothes and awesome prom dresses that I still own.   During the years I loved the clothes while I wore them, hated them a few years later looking back at pictures and then had an appreciation for them a few years after that.  I think back of all the clothes that were made for me out of love and out of necessity and it makes me  understand how great it is to be able to sew.    Of course, my first big project will be to make my mom a gold lame’ dress for her to wear to church.  The 80s are back so she shouldn’t be too embarrassed.  Isn’t everyone wearing lame’ these days?  I’ll have to have my mom send me a picture in my very memorable gold lame’ homecoming dress.  I like to think of it as the highlight of my highschool experience.

I am excited to say that my sewing adventure has begun.  I took an amazing and fun class at Sew LA in Atwater Village and have already signed up for another session.  My first project will actually be some toss pillows for the couch, but first let’s all ogle the tote bag I sewed in my first class.  Its a tote bag designed to carry our sewing supplies.  Seriously, I love this bag.  It will only carry a ruler and some thread but I’m proud of it.

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