I need to stop watching Criminal Minds

Every morning I walk my dog Gilmore, we walk around the neighborhood, saying hello to the regular neighbors that we see.  Gilmore barks at the same ones every time.  I apologize.  Then one day I heard a strange noise coming from a garage as I passed by.  Gilmore was also very nervous around this particular house.  For weeks, I would pass this house hear the noise, try to figure out what it was then walk on.  Then one day I decided, what if someone was trapped, what if they had been kidnapped and I was just strolling by everyday ignoring their quiet plea for help.  So this morning, I got the courage to face the evil that could be waiting for me.  As Gilmore stared at me and wanted to flee, I investigated. While I was investigating I was spotted by my neighbor Yuki.  She asked if I was looking to see the chickens.  Relief swept over me.  Thank God, there wasn’t a kidnap victim but a chicken coop.  As I climbed down from my neighbor’s garage, I tried to explain why I was being sneaky instead of just ringing the bell.  My neighbor Yuki, walked away and yelled back at me to stop watching Criminal Minds.  I laughed and realized, great now I’m the crazy neighbor.

Seriously though, I’m so glad it was a chicken coop!

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