Could’ve been worse

On Monday, I was driving to Parent & Me class and while waiting at a light, I was rear ended.  At 9:45 am, Maggie and I were singing along to LadyBug Music, at 9:46 AM I was consoling her while she cried from being jolted in her car seat.  Let me start by telling you that we are both okay.  Thankfully.  Earlier that morning I had adjusted the straps in her Britax Boulevard car seat, tightening them up.  I think the accident really just scared her more than anything.

As soon as I could gather myself after the impact, I called 911 and let them know we were in a wreck and that I had a baby in the car.   I pulled over to the side of the road and out of traffic, then called AJ.  I still didn’t know how bad the wreck was, all I knew was Maggie was crying.   I could see the car behind me was totaled and the car behind him was pretty bad.  Then, maybe a minute later, the fire truck drove up with the ambulance behind them.  They saw me and asked if I had the baby, I said yes.  They scooped her out of her car seat and tended to her.

Me?  I was just staring.   Every one of the fireman were extremely good looking.  Seriously!  I’m trying to hold back tears and make sure Maggie is okay, but the Alec Baldwin look alike from Backdraft was holding her.  If someone had cast “Backdraft 2…LA is on fire”, I was living it.  As the other three amazingly good looking firemen make sure I’m okay, AJ walks up.  I was happy to see him on one level.  On another level – we’re talking 7 of the hottest fireman that probably exist.

Of course, I’m happy my husband has come to help me, my hero in life.  Especially cause he could tend to Maggie as I spoke with the fireman and then had to give my report to the 2 police officers who had just arrived…to the 2 very handsome police officers.  What is happening?  Why is everyone so good looking?

In all honesty, after taking Maggie to get checked out by the doctors (she’s totally fine) I began thinking, how lucky I was that we were okay.  But was I okay?  I was pretty shaken up and a little discombobulated, my neck and back were sore too.  Was I hallucinating that everyone I talked to at the car accident was that good looking?  Or worse, did I have a concussion?

When AJ got home from work, he asked how I was doing?  I then asked him, if he noticed the firemen at the accident?  He immediately responded, “Oh, you mean the good looking firemen?  That was really crazy how good looking everyone was.  Then the police officers arrived and they were also good looking.”  YAY, I’m not going crazy, even my husband noticed how hot everyone was.  On second thought, I’m not too excited that my husband was checking out the firemen too.


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