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It’s been hard for me to write for a number of years.  Subscribe to this blog and you’ll find out how the most simple things have changed my life.

I’ve made notes, scribbled here and there but haven’t been able to sit down and get through a full blog post.  I wrote a post on Mother’s day, but I really wasn’t up for posting it.  So here I am.

To say a lot has happened in the last two years is an understatement.  Maggie was 2 years old when I wrote my last post, at 3 she was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, she is now 4. I am finally getting to a place where I am writing again. The majority of the last year was about my emotional survival, making sure M was progressing, trying to stop Rett Syndrome from progressing and making sure our family was alright.  There were plenty of times where we weren’t.  AJ and I are constantly checking in with each other to make sure we don’t see anything new happening with Rett but at the same time, making sure we are enjoying Maggie’s developmental progression. We have become amateur professionals at therapy, supplements, vitamins, organic living, gluten free and reading science journals about genetics, gene therapy and Rett Syndrome

I wanted to start blogging again, but I didn’t want it to be all about Rett. You can subscribe to magnoliashope.com to follow our family on this journey with Rett. So I have updated this site to what is important to me, what keeps me going, what inspires and gives me balance and what I’m learning from my new life. Do I still want to pursue my writing? Yes. Will I get staffed on a TV show? Probably not, I can’t commit to that kind of time. So I am discovering who I am as a writer. Novelist, Children’s Author, Screenwriter, who knows? Maybe all of them. I have a ton of stories to tell and with some balance in my life, I hope get the creative juices flowing again.

But most importantly I’m trying to find a balance between, finding a cure for Rett Syndrome and not losing myself in the process. Which is where this blog comes in handy. I’ve never been a big runner, but I am now training for a 1/2 Marathon to help raise money for Rett Syndrome. I can mostly credit my mental state with yoga. I have lived in Los Angeles for 17 years and have taken many classes, but I would never have considered my self a practitioner until now. I aspire to be a yogi. I now take classes 3-4 times a week.  I have fallen in love with yoga. I realize that I’ve always loved yoga as an exercise but now I feel it has truly brought me balance. I plan on getting certified and then teaching yoga to kids with special needs.

Since Rett Syndrome doesn’t have a treatment or cure, we were told right away to find alternatives to help with symptoms.  This led us to Vitamins, Supplements, Gluten free diets, Essential oils and Organic cooking and hopefully living.  We still don’t compost, but I dream we will one day.

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