The quiet lunch

Today I was having a quiet lunch with Maggie. As we both sat their enjoying our food, suddenly I began to panic. Am I not talking enough to her? Should I be talking to her about our food? Is it okay to take a break and relax during a meal? All I want is a few moments to enjoy my food and just be, but they (books, babywebsites, etc) say I should be talking to her constantly, so she can absorb everything. So here it goes…

ME: Maggie you are eating carrots. They are orange. They grow in the ground. Carrots are a vegetable. Fun things about carrots is you can eat them many ways. Such as you can cook them, steam them or just eat them cold. Bunnies eat carrots. You were a bunny for halloween and there was a carrot on your costume.
Maggie: yesss
ME: That’s all I got on carrots. Oh, they taste great with hummus and they are usually the only vegetable on a party platter that doesn’t go bad, so they are safe to eat at parties.
Maggie: yeah

Sadly that was all I had on carrots. I thought that I had informed her of a few things outside of the box. Which got me thinking, is this how a Reggio Emilia school program goes? How do the teachers possibly teach like this? I guess if this was my class we would be learning about growing vegetables in the ground, party platter etiquette and how to cook.

I wonder if Maggie would have preferred a quiet lunch as well.  She probably knows she is too young to worry about which vegetable is best on party platters.

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