Would you move?

Would you move in order to send your kids to a better school?  AJ and I sat down the other night and discussed our school plan for Maggie.  Whew!  What a long and exhausting conversation with so many hypothetical possibilities.  Our daughter is 9 months old and we had to discuss her options for school in LA for the next 18 years.  Talk about a reality check.  Although the conversation was exhausting, it was eye opening.

Until I had a child, I always thought it was just New Yorkers that had to deal with crazy school issues.  Watch Nursery University, it is about the competitive Nursery school application process in NY….CRAZY!  Then watch Waiting for Superman and you will be angry, but seriously watch it.  Then watch Lean on Me, just because Morgan Freeman is stellar and we all need to have a little hope.  Actually, watch Shawshank Redemption, that movie really  holds up.  Although it has nothing to do about education, unless you need to be educated on how to break out of prison.


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