Green mom vs sane mom

Some days I feel I’m going insane.  Lately, I feel I’m spending several hours a day researching…”What is best for Maggie?”.  If I”m not researching, I’m scheduling my days to accommodate her schedule.    If you read this blog you know I’ll be the first to admit that I research everything.  I probably do too much research.  Most of my research is for Eco friendly options for Maggie, including toys, furniture, food, etc…the list goes on.  My biggest frustration lies with not being able to find a green alternative or finding one and it isn’t feasible because of various reasons (mainly cost). I’m pretty sure this frustration is very common.   Sadly, people’s buying habits can’t change if the option isn’t readily available.  That is the crazy world we live in.  I’m trying to be Eco friendly and there have been plenty of times a non Eco option was readily available and I purchased it, mostly when it comes to toys.  I then have buyer’s guilt and decide to take it back, but then I feel guilty for driving back to the store, because now I’m wasting gas.  AAAHHH!

Sometimes being green doesn’t seem to win.  Sometimes staying sane and doing what is easier wins and may turn out to be the greener option.  Of course I’m sure the greener option would be to not buy the toys in the first place and have my husband whittle all of Maggie’s toys from the trees in our backyard.  I’m not sure how AJ feels about this, but I’m sure he thinks he knows how to whittle and that it would be cost efficient.  My opinion is, if he can do it, then I’d love him to, but right now I’m researching ride on toys.  If he can whittle Maggie something that looks like this Radio Flyer, then I’m all about it.  But then again that would be killing a tree.  AAAHHH again!  Just for thinking that, I’m linking to, a non-profit that’s trying to rebuild the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.

The eco thing is very important to me and I’m trying hard to balance between being a green mom and being a sane mom.  I’m pretty sure the recipe calls for a glass of wine.

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