Why is she so angry?

I was shopping at Trader Joe’s picking up the few groceries that we weren’t able to buy at The Farmer’s Market.  I pass by a beautiful woman, probably in her mid 40s and her two daughters. As I pass her I’m thinking to myself, ” I hope I look that good when I’m in my 40s.  Then all of a sudden, I’m jolted out of my lovely thought of this woman.  She grabs a package of meat and places it in her cart, her teenage daughter nicely mentions, “mom,don’t forget I’m a vegetarian”.  This woman snaps at her daughter ” You can just eat rice for dinner.” I gasped at her reaction, I’m sure she heard me. I didn’t mean to but WHAT?!

What possibly could have happened for this woman to be so upset at her daughter, that she would force her to just eat rice. Why is she so angry?  My mind is racing trying to figure this out. Is she upset that her daughter is a vegetarian? Or does her daughter change her diet weekly and the mom is fed up? Maybe religious or cultural issues? I don’t know, but I did see the teen’s face and it was heartbreaking. She couldn’t even respond. My motherly instincts kicked in and I wanted to bring this young girl home with me. I’m sure AJ would not have been happy about adopting a teenager, but he did let me adopt Gilmore, so you never know. I wanted to tell the mom, there is nothing wrong with being a vegetarian. But alas, I’m sure they will work it out.  Of course, now the mom just looks old and grumpy….NOT pretty.

In a weird way I can relate to the teenager.  I became a vegetarian in college and remember my Texan dad commenting at a BBQ, “I guess you can have lettuce.”. My mom quickly intervened and made me a wonderful salad. Difference is, my dad was half kidding but mostly confused by my choice.  I grew up in TX eating meat, all of the time.  Throughout the years I’ve gone back and forth from being a vegetarian and I’m sure that is confusing for my family. But one thing is for sure, my mom would never let me eat just rice and I definitely wouldn’t do that to Maggie in defiance.

If Maggie wants to be a vegetarian, a vegan or even a lesbian. I vow, I’ll fully support her. Especially if she is a lesbian. Right? Maybe we can skip those 10 years of boy problems from age 15-25.  I’m kidding…kinda.


Disclaimer:  My dad has supported all of my decisions in life, including being a vegetarian.  Funny, I think he had a harder time with me living in California and being liberal. :)

Gilmore was adopted too.





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