Phew…something stinks!

I’m going to try to not always talk about poop and vomit, but sometimes shit happens.  If  you are thinking, I don’t want to hear another mommy’s baby poop story.   This one has a twist ending, so stay with me.

For the past week, Maggie has had bad gas.  This really bummed me out because before this week she wasn’t that smelly, but apparently life changes.  I was constantly having to check to see if she had pooped and she hadn’t, she is just a tooter.  So gross!

Well, yesterday morning AJ had said he wanted to get up and play with Maggie before work, so I would walk Gilmore.  Apparently, I’m pretty attached to her because I jumped out of bed first so I could sing her “Good Morning” (from Singing in the Rain, because my mom sang it to me every morning).  So here I go…tra la la la la into her bedroom, I open the door and I nearly passed out.  Her room smelled so bad, I started to gag and my eyes watered.  My motherly instinct kicked in, so I walked to her crib to see her smiling and began to sing our song.  I made it through two lines and then called for AJ to come get her.  There was no way I was changing her diaper, especially since he wanted to have the 6-8am morning playtime with her.  So he comes in and is disgusted by the smell.  The smell was so bad, we couldn’t believe it.  Was she sick?  I mean seriously, this can’t be what we have to wake up to every morning.

While AJ changes her diaper (BTW not really bad) I ran around the house opening every window possible, I had to get some cross ventilation happening.  After an hour the smell seemed to be gone.  AJ got ready for work, while I fed Maggie her cereal.  While she is eating, she toots and giggles and I”m in a state of panic.  The smell is going to return!  AJ comes up stairs and is in awe at how bad it smells again.  At that moment he makes a remark and says “The weird thing is there seems to be a cloud layer on our stairs”.  This peeks my interest.  That seems a little extreme, it was just one toot.  Either we have the Guiness Book of World records smelly tooter or honestly I’m not sure.

So I decide to go smell her room to see if it is okay, and it is worse.  This is when I realized, what was happening.  Something is wrong with our sewer.  AJ has to leave for work, so he told me to go check the basement and call the plumber if it seems like that is the problem.  I do and it is.  The smell is so bad I can’t even walk into the basement.

Of course, now I’m freaking out that she slept all night with those fumes.  All I can think of is, I hope she doesn’t get brain damage because of this.  Then I feel worse because not only could this have hurt her, we were blaming her for the smell.  I’ll be honest there were a few moments that I looked at my precious child and thought, “You’re so gross”!  Thankfully we only have to pay to fix our sewer and our child is back to being 95% adorable 5% fussy.

Have you ever blamed your child for something that was not their fault at all?  Tell me about it in the comments.



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