Respect the elderly…

Last night we went to Passover dinner with AJ’s family. We were very excited to go, Maggie was going to meet Gigi. Gigi is Aj’s grandmother and was married to Marty (AJ’s grandpa). Maggie was named after Marty because he passed away this past year. Gigi arrived at the dinner and everyone was happy. She met Maggie, we took pictures and AJ was content. It was a beautiful moment.

I love Gigi, I’ve had some great conversations with her. She has schooled me in many things…jewish. I love it. Last year we had a long discussion about the Yiddish language. I took notes and when we parted ways, I was sad. This year’s conversation was a little different.

Gigi: Yen (my sister n law) looks gorgeous, don’t you think?
Me: Yes, Gigi. She is beautiful and I love her dress.
Gigi: You’ve put on weight.
Me: What? …um
AJ: Gigi?!
Gigi: She has.
AJ: She just had a baby.
Gigi: No that’s not it.
Me: Don’t worry I’m working on losing the weight.
AJ: You just had a baby. Don’t stress about it.
Gigi: That’s not baby weight.
Me: …sigh…
AJ: Yes it is. (to me) Babe you look beautiful.
Me: Whatever…So how are you doing Gigi?
Gigi: I’m fine. I always put a smile on when I leave the house. No need in letting everyone know your business.
Me: I get it. :)

I love Gigi. She calls it like it is. She’s right I’ve put on weight. Of course, it is baby weight.

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